How to create a Shopify App Key

You must have admin access to your Shopify store to do this setup.

First, go to your store admin interface and click on Apps on the sidebar.

Next, Click on "Develop Apps"

Now start a new App with "Create an App"

Name the app anything - this is not critical to the function of this plugin, but be sure its at least identifiable in what its function is. Click "Create App".

Now, you want to select "Configure Admin API Scope"

Next you want to filter the selection by using the phrase "discounts" and then enabling read and write permissions for both discounts and price_rules and click "Save".

Now click on "Api Credentials" and select to "Install App"

Finally, you will see a modal with an input to "Reveal token once". Select this and take this string and paste it into the proper field on Mintplex.

Your Shopify API key is AES-256 encrypted on Mintplex and is not publiclly readable or stored in a readable format for your security. You cannot retrieve this value from Mintplex should you lose it.

You're done! Removing and un-installing the app from Shopify will break the functionality of this plugin so please only do so once you are totally finished with the discount plugin.

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