How do I deploy to testnet

Testing is not mandatory on Mintplex, but should you launch directly to a mainnet and have trouble with your contract or find you did not include a feature - we cannot help you. Please always deploy to a testnet before deploying to mainnet to ensure every function works.

Testnets are replicas of a blockchain that allow you to use a fake currency to experiment and test smart contracts. All networks have a testnet and Mintplex interfaces with all of them! Testnets of each network are listed below: Ethereum - Rinkeby Polygon - Mumbai Optimism - Kovan

How do I get test currency to use?



Kovan Optimism Faucet:

Note: These faucets are not always operational. If you need a testing currency on a network just ask in the Discord or @Mintplexnft on Twitter.

Deploying on a testnet

To deploy on a testnet you must first generate a contract. After which you can move to deploy on a testnet. The video below will outline how to deploy on a testnet!

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