What is Mintplex?

Who is Mintplex for? Mintplex is for everyone to be put take their art on the blockchain while retaining full ownership. Mintplex will help you upload to IPFS, create your contract, and even create your minting website & much more.

Mintplex makes launching your next big NFT collection to the next level without so much as looking at a line of code. Some high points of what Mintplex can do for you

Need a quick overview?

Here is a brief overview of what Mintplex can do for you 😄

Guides: Launch your project in a few clicks

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:

Creating your first Mintplex projectDeploying your contractListing your NFT collection on a marketplace

Good to know: The best way to learn how to use Rampp is just dive in and test it for yourself, it costs you nothing to deploy on testnet!

FAQs: You're stuck?? You're not alone!

Get your questions answered fast by going to some of our frequently asked questions:

My metadata does not pass!How do I deploy to testnetHow do I list my NFT contract on OpenSea?How do I mint tokens for myself or team?

Good to know: The most common issues that people run into while using Rampp is they don't watch the videos or follow along the steps provided, best practice is to have multiple tabs open to follow along with each step.

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