My metadata does not pass!

If your metadata does not appear to be validating it is highly likely that one or more of the following points are causing your issue. Once fixed you should have no issues with metadata being validated.

Your Images CID is not set

The Images CID should be a folder on IPFS where each image is named after its associated token ID. So token id 1 should have an image in this folder named 1.png token id 2 should have an image in this same folder names 2.png and so on...

You may have an alternative file extension, but the name cannot have any other name other than the token id.

Your metadata files are not named properly

These files must not have any file extension at all.

For Mintplex to work, we must have a metadata folder CID that contains as many files as your token supply will allow. These files must be named in association with their token id

For example, token 1 should have a file in the metadata folder named simply, 1

These files will contain valid JSON data about your token but must have no file extension.

Here is an example of a valid metadata file

  "dna": "e11e3dd98eaddac18c28dff55a76ea6d",
  "name": "0x #1",
  "description": "A small NFT example",
  "image": "ipfs://QmZrEceFSWpJSW8yraQbVmcX285PZ77XwNRd3iCcKFWBza/1.png",
  "attributes": [
      "trait_type": "Background",
      "value": "yellow"

Take note of the image attribute and how it contains a valid CID hash + the associated file name. To verify your image is working you can go to:<YOUR IMAGE CID FOLDER HASH>/1.png

If an image does not load - then it will not work on OpenSea either nor validate with Mintplex

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