Project Information

This is the section that will contain the very basics of your contract and your project.

Project Network

This will be the choice of network you will be launching on. Currently, Mintplex supports multiple chains. You can change between these networks really at any time before you deploy to a mainnet - which you will then be no longer allowed to swap networks.

Each time you swap you will need to redeploy your contract!

Project Name

This will be the basis for how your project appears on Mintplex and how the name is presented on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

Token Symbol

This is how your individual NFT token will be represented at the wallet level. This is typically a really short identifier for your project. It works like a stock ticker but does not have to be unique across the blockchain - so use anything!

Project Description

This is a short overall summary of your project - it will also display on the collection page of your project on all NFT marketplaces

Project Royalties

This is how much you want to earn from secondary sales of your tokens - this can be 0 - 10%. We don't allow you to go higher due to various marketplace restrictions.

Project Website

This is your project's general website address. This is great to display the legitimacy and roadmap of your project. It will display on the token and collection page of NFT marketplaces

Token Metadata URL Endpoint

This field should not be editable if using IPFS that Mintplex helped you setup. However, if you will be self-hosting these images on a server you own or maintain, like AWS S3, this is where you would put in the general base URL that would display token metadata. If you are trying to self-host your metadata and images - read the warning below.

Beware! If you are using your own custom metadata: Mintplex token ids start at 1! Mintplex can accept both appended and not appended .json Example: Base URL -> Token 1 -> Token 1 ->

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