Creating your first Mintplex project

Mintplex only works with MetaMask and Coinbase wallets right now - we will work with other wallet providers soon!

Before you get started You should have at least some art prepared. Ideally, all your images and metadata are prepared - you just need to get them hosted somewhere. Need art? Go to "How to create and NFT collection" for free resources!

The basics Mintplex

Once you connect to you will be brought to your project dashboard. Here you can see all of your projects that are in draft, testnet, or live on a mainnet. This is your command center and where you can also start new projects. Mintplex allows you to have unlimited projects!

Creating a new project

Creating a new project is a breeze. To create a new project just click that button in the top-left of the page that says New project +!

Once you click that button you have officially begun the process of launching your smart contract!

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