Anatomy of a Mintplex project

Most of the steps for Mintplex projects are optional and you can really proceed to any step at any time. Mintplex highly recommends though that you do each step in order!

You will notice when you create a new project you are shown a basic template of a project. We will change the name and customize everything to your liking as we get closer to deploying.

Setup image and metadata on IPFS

This step is where we will get your art uploaded to IPFS and also get you your fully completed metadata files that will work with our smart contracts.

Create Custom Smart Contract

This step is where the magic happens, here we will generate your smart contract and where you can fully customize your contract and call it your very own!

Deploy Contract to Rinkeby

This step is where you will take your generated contract and deploy it to a testnet. This could be Rinkeby (Ethereum) or Mumbai (Polygon)

Deploy Contract to Mainnet

This step is where you will deploy your contract to the mainnet! This is a big deal and will mean you have officially launched!

Mint button and Landing Page

This step is where we help you create your mint page with our handy embeddable mint button and our partnership with to create the minting site of your dreams. All without code, of course.

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