How do I mint tokens for myself or team?

When you deploy a contract with Mintplex the address which deployed the contract becomes the owner. This wallet is then able to call certain functions on the contract which are special and only for the owner. One of these functions allows the owner to be able to mint tokens for themselves or team members without restrictions.

Airdropping yourself or your team NFTs from your collection

First, go to your project dashboard on the proper network you wish to execute this action on. Here we are doing this on the testnet.

Scroll to the bottom on the left-hand side of the screen and you will see Airdrop a token. Here you can enter in any valid ETH address and send them a token automatically. As the owner of this contract, you are allowed to mint as long as there is token supply available.

You do not need to open the contract for minting, change the mint price to free, or anything. As the admin, you are exempt from all of these restrictions.

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